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AAH is One!

Happy birthday to us! art@home turns ONE this month!


If I were to sum up the past year in one word, it would be: Adventurous.

adjective: adventurous
willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences.

The past year had indeed been a wild adventure. I was speaking to a friend last week and he told me that my teaching style and approach towards art changed drastically compared to when art@home just started. I take more risks now and is always willing to try new ideas. I worry less and let the kiddos take more control. I allow myself to be surprised instead of dictating the outcome of the artworks.


Besides personal growth, I would also like to share with you art@home’s milestones the past eight months. If you remember this post from last December, I ended the post with 3 goals:

1. New teachers.
2. A semi-permanent studio space.
3. Giving back to the society.

I’m very, very proud to share with you that, we’ve achieved the first two!

Firstly, in the coming months, we will be welcoming two very talented teachers to join us. Yay! These two ladies are people whom I’ve worked closely with before, and inspired me a lot!

Secondly, studio space! We are really lucky to have met the super nice owner of Xobon Magazine, Soo, during Makers Block last year. AAH – art@home Studio, will be making lots of happy mess (don’t worry Soo, I’ll make sure your office is spick and span after our sessions!) during the weekends at Xobon’s office, located at Pearl’s Hill Terrace. We love the huge window and being surrounded by greens, greens, greens! We will be sharing more on our programmes (hint: art jams & adult classes… *rubs chin*) on the blog next week! If you can’t wait, feel free to drop us an email/text/private message anytime!

Thirdly, we are still working towards providing free art lessons for under privileged children. If you have any contacts, feel free to let us know!


Besides working hard towards our goals, we also put in our best efforts in coming up with fun and interesting lessons for the kiddos, encouraging them to explore and experiment with new mediums and ideas that they have. Like the fossils (this, this, this, this & this) we did in March that received so much praises, or the short stories a few of them wrote based on their paintings and published in May. We also tried marbling for the first time and created our own amazing solar systems.


art@home’s lessons focus not on imparting art techniques to our students, but on their character and personal growth. We are serious about squeezing all the creative juices out of those little brains and bringing them out of their comfort zones by introducing unrestricted lessons (1,2,3).


We also introduced our first art series – ART101 to those keen to learn art but are intimidated by it (1,2,3,4).

Many changes are coming our way, we look forward to bringing more colourful messes and hours of laughters to all of you in the coming year!

xx Teachers of AAH