It’s Adventure Time – Outdoor Drawing


We brought class outdoors! The sun was merciless, but it didn’t stop us from plopping down on random patches of grass and create beautiful works!


First stop – Waterloo Street, Guan Yin Temple

The kiddos enjoyed observing and drawing the temple, we used one of our doodling methods (single line drawing) to do a quick sketch.


Second Stop – Outside Golden Landmark Hotel

Quick lunch before hunting for our next drawing spot. We found an old man sleeping on his trishaw and thought that he made a pretty good subject.

20150622_143509 20150622_143513 20150622_143525 20150622_144907 20150622_143541 20150622_144919

We also did a few observation drawing of people moving, sitting and standing, using our preferred styles.

20150622_145922 20150622_151807

If you’re keen on bring art outdoors too, here’s a few quick tips!

ONE – Supplies
– stationaries (2pencils, erasers, permanent markers, black pen, white gel pen)
– a few sheets of A4 drawing paper OR sketchbook
– backing board
– bull dog clips

I packed the stationeries in a little ziplock folder and clipped everything together onto a canvas board. The kids clipped the folder at the back of the board when they are drawing – this gives them easy access to the items as well as a place to keep stuff!

Make sure that the markers and pens you pack are waterproof! I made the mistake of using a water-based marker and ruined my work.

You can skip the backing board and bull dog clips if you’re using a sketchbook.

TWO – bring along a mat to sit on! We skipped that and regretted when ants started crawling everywhere.

THREE – if you’re using watercolour, it’ll be good to have a couple of water brushes. You can get them at any art store for about $5.00 – $8.00.

FOUR – be impromptu, be adventurous! We had a lots of curious stares, but it’s okay!

I dare you to gather your supplies and head out now! You’re going to have so much fun! xx. Cherlyn

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