art@home is made up of a merry group of magical creatures disguised as art teachers. And we can’t wait to share our magic and love for art with you!


Art plays a more important part in every child’s development than most people are aware of. Did you know that doodling actually increases attention span?

At art@home, we use art as a medium to cultivate creativity and bring the joy of art making to the comfort of your home.

We don’t believe in the impossible. We believe in stepping out of comfort zones and pushing limits. We also believe that clouds can be the colours of the rainbow and unicorns exist. Who says a cow must be black and white, and fishes can only swim in water? In the world of art, there are endless possibilities.

Art, brings the world of impossible, alive.

(How to: Cultivate Creativity)


There is no greater inspiration to creativity than the world around us.

Our studio space has been thoughtfully designed with our students at its core. By surrounding them with a myriad of carefully curated materials and resources, we hope to encourage and inspire them to think out of the box, break boundaries, explore and experiment with how far they can take their art.


Art is not a Luxury is a social initiative started by art@home and fellow artists. Through charging reasonable fees for our workshops, we hope to build a community that values sharing above safeguarding their skills. We teach with the hope that our participants will continue to pursue the craft even after the workshops are over!

These workshops are often held in our home based studio in Sengkang, however we do on occasion host them at specially-requested locations. We have hosted many cosy get togethers, and even bachelorette parties! We’ve also helped people forge many valuable friendships through the workshops.


We have moved our site to artawaystudio.com.

Head on over to book your trial session. You can also give us a call/ WhatsApp us at 8448 7123.

See you!

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