DIY Marquee Lights (Deathly Hallows)

I’ve been procrastinating on this project for too long – I cannot decide on a subject (there are just too many ideas!) However, upon receiving the news of the passing of Alan Rickman, I knew I had to make this – DIY Marquee Lights with the Hallows.

Note: I did not use the bigger round bulbs that you’ll normally see on marquee lights, but that does not mean you cannot use them!

You’ll need
Black art card
Scissors/ Penknife
Cutting mat
Battery operated string lights
Hot glue
Masking Tape

Decide how big you want your marquee light to be, use a ruler to help draw out your designs. My hallows sign is 40cm tall and 32cm (base) across.

Carefully cut out your design. The trick to cutting thick cards is to cut as many times as needed. I make about 10-20 cuts for each line – this might sound like a lot of work, but definitely more efficient than forcing the blade to cut deeper. You get neater cuts too! (Source: Personal experience)

I did half (about 20 holes) by making a small hole with an awl and enlarging it with a pair of small scissors. I found a small electric hand drill in my tool box and finished up the other half with it – life-saver (done under 15mins!)

Assemble your pieces together. I first use a very small amount of regular (UHU – my favourite!) glue along the sides. After the pieces are put together, flip it over and use hot glue to further secure them. I switched to thinner black cards for the curved sides.

Insert the bulbs and secure them using  small dots of glue. There are 40 holes on my sign, I used 3 battery operated string lights and dug out my christmas lights to fill in the last 10.

I like the flexibility battery operated string lights provide without having to worry about a power source. I’m going to get one more to replace the christmas lights!


Done! Isn’t it pretty? I’m using it as my new night light, but it will probably have a new home soon!


We hope you had fun with this project – I certainly did.

Harry Potter was my childhood – I believed many of yours too. So you can probably understand the devastation I felt when I received the news of the passing of Alan Rickman. Professor Snape was one of my favourite character, and Alan Rickman will always be the best actor for it. #ripalanrickman

Ending off with a quote that all #potterheads live by:

After all this time?


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