Rainbows in My Pocket


Who loves rainbows? *Raise hands* Me! Me! Me!

But, do you know what are the relationships between colours and how they live in harmony? In today’s Art101, let’s have fun exploring them!

Colour plays a vitally important role in the world in which we live. Colour can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. It can irritate or soothe your eyes, raise your blood pressure or suppress your appetite. When used in the right ways, colour can even save on energy consumption.

Colour Matters

Understanding colours is always a priority at art@home. In our art classes, we often encourage students to mix colours instead of using straight from the tubes. This helps them to understand the relationship between colours as well colour matching skills.

Without fail, we always start a new student with a lesson on colours – knowing the primary & secondary colours. Here’s an activity sheet that you can download and do with your child at home: Basic Colour Wheel

To make the activity more interactive, parents can prepare coloured water (in Red, Blue & Yellow) in transparent plastic cups. Allow the kids to mix the colours in separate cups to achieve the 3 secondary colours! The activity is really simple and perfect for a stay in afternoon with your little ones.

Recently, we’ve started some of our students on Part 2 of our colour journey – Rainbows in My Pocket.

ONE-A We revised the basic colour wheel that we covered in their first lesson.
ONE-B We moved on to expanding the basic colour wheel with tertiary colours.
ONE-C Learn the difference between Hue, Tint, Shade and Tone
TWO/THREE/FOUR There is a total of 3 sets – pair of complementary colours in each set. By using a variation of the 2 hues, they have to create “new colours” and complete a painting with the new colours.

Fellow art teachers or parents homeschooling your kids, feel free to drop us an email for the lesson plan for your own art classes!

Be wild and do crazy experiments with colours! xx Teacher Cherlyn

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