Children Art: Around Us

March had been a really long and busy month. But totally worth all our efforts and hard work when we look at all the beautiful pieces done by the kiddos!

For a start, AAH took part in its first art competition – Go Beyond the Haze. It was an enriching lesson for both our teachers as well as the little ones to learn more about the haze issue that plague Singapore every year.

These are the winning pieces by Abigail (left) and Michelle (right). So proud of them both! The other kiddos did well too and we are extremely proud of their hardwork and thoughts put into these pieces as well.

The littlest ones who are not eligible to take part had their fun singing and dancing with Mr ROY.G.BIV and created their very own unicorn friends!


We also went hoot hoot hooting with our night prowling friends…

It had been a fun and colourful month as usual, and we can’t wait to share our April messes with you already!

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xo. Elves, Pixies & Fairies of AAH

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