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art@home | AAH Studio X Makers’ Block 2015

If you’ve been following us on Instagram you would probably have known that we’ll be taking part in Makers’ Block this November! We’ll be working with four amazing artists this time to bring you some incredibly cool (if we may say so ourselves…), fun and yet therapeutic workshops for you!

Find out more: Art Workshops 2015

Disclaimer: Please note that we have four mini 1-hour workshops that you can take part in during Makers’ Block. If you’re keen for more crafting, the full workshops will take place in December 2015.


Agatha is an eco-designer who loves sustainable fashion, and a passionate environmental educator. She previously worked at the National Environmental Agency, Singapore for over 10 years before founding Green Issues by Agy where she transform textile waste into creative wearables using repair, repurposing and upcycling techniques.

She had been featured on Channel NewsAsia “It Figures”, Channel U “Style: Check In”, The Straits Times and TODAY.

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Kelly is a Singaporean artist specialising in knit and crochet, known by her pseudonym ‘kllylmrck’. With her main focus being on Knit & Crochet art, she is also a fashion designer by training, graphic designer and illustrator by experience.
Aside from working with yarn, she experiments with all different kinds of materials and scales of knit, which sparked my interest on dreads and yarn braids.

She has had various exhibitions and was recently featured on Straits Times.

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Amirah graduated with a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Arts from Lasalle College of the Arts. Her paintings are responses based upon her
personal life and observations of her daily surroundings. She is interested in creating a realistic rendering work, paying careful attention to details. She works with oil mediums and explore new methods in creating her works.

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Despite coming from an industrial design background, Jason Loo had always been extremely fascinated with movie props and toys. He had been making movie props and scaled models from scratch since a very young age. He was also known for producing very fine finishing on his works. Being introduced to and owning a 3D printer had provided him with endless possibilities in creating. He is now working on a life-size, fully movable BB-8, before resuming his project of a 3D printed Ironman suit.

He was recently featured in 3ders and Geek Culture.

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Find out more: Art Workshops 2015

Adventure Time!


We went outdoors with the kiddos! It’s a pity that some of them didn’t manage to join us due to the haze. But hey, the plants did a good job in cleaning the air!

We wanted to do something other than sitting and painting, so we went around learning the names of different plants, observed their growth patterns, leaves shapes and use! Each of them are equipped with an instant camera to capture anything they find interesting!

We then made a collage with the foliages they collected and complied the photographs into a scrapbook for future use!

Hop over to facebook for more photos! xx Teacher Cherlyn

Canvas Painting – My Underwater Adventure


It’s the holidays (yay!) and we’re packed full this month with workshops and bringing the kiddos around the world in search of adventures! Keen to join us? Check them out here!

Last Friday we held our breaths and took a deep dive into the ocean to look at some pretty awesome sea creatures! Take a look at what the kiddos drew!

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Bloop bloop bloop~ That was fun! Keep your eyes peeled for more coming up!

Comics Drawing & Presentation

We had a blast on the first session of our Comics Drawing & Presentation workshop! The kids learnt about the different art mediums they can use during their creative play, how to draw a 3 frame comic as well as choosing the correct medium to use when sending their masterpieces for print!

We have another session coming up next Wednesday, 10 Dec 2014! Hurry and sign up now before it’s too late!