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SG50: Shrink Plastic Bracelets

I bought this pack of shrink plastic from Daiso a long time ago, and haven’t got the time to try it out. Finally dug it out for today’s DIY!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Shrink plastic sheets
Red permanent marker
Chopsticks/ Bamboo skewers
Hole punch
Jump rings + chains + lobster clasp/ Rainbow Loom/ Embroidery floss


Decide on your design! I printed out some of Singapore’s iconic symbols. Flip the image, print and trace onto your shrink plastic. Remember to leave some space for the holes.

I flipped the image so that when the bracelet is done, the marker side will be against your skin. This is not very important, so it’s okay if you don’t!

Cut out your designs. Strips will give it a bangle-ish look, while cutting them individually will give you charms! Punch holes where needed.


Pop your pieces into the oven following the instructions on your shrink package – give and take a few minutes. I timed mine according to the package, and panicked when the plastic are still warped. Simply pop them back into the oven for a little longer! The piece will flatten themselves out once they shrunk to their minimum.

Use the bamboo skewers to carefully remove the pieces from the oven after they stopped shrinking.


For the strips, immediately and carefully bend it around a curved object similar to the size of your wrist. Press and spread the smaller pieces (charms) on a flat surface as it cools.

Start constructing by attaching your plastic pieces to your chain with jump rings and add a lobster clasp closure. I did another one with my old rainbow loom collection – love how it adds an extra pop of colour!

Making the bracelets sounds more complicated that it actually is. Try it out for yourself and you’ll realise it’s really a breeze to make!

Have fun! xx Cherlyn