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DIY: Pizza Cushions

If you are still checking back regularly after our short two weeks hiatus, thank you! We had been busy (still are) getting ready for the holiday season (*hint*CHRISTMASDIYS*hint), preparing for up coming workshops (ahem… have you signed up yet?) and spreading the love of making at Makers’ Block!

But, we’re back now! With something huge and yummy! Honestly, this craft took me way longer than I expected, but I am extremely pleased with the finished product! If I had more time, I would probably make it bigger and resew certain pieces with new materials – but all is well!

I present to you… *cue drum rolls*… Pizza Cushions! I’ve been dying to make something big for awhile now, and thought that these pizza cushions made good friendship gifts? You know… like everyone in the group get a slice…

Okay before the topic gets out of hand, let’s start! I used both machine and hand sewn for this project, but you can easily change it to a no-sew project with your favourite fabric glue or trusty glue gun!


You’ll need
Coloured Felt
Sewing Pins
Embroidery Needle & Threads


ONE Cut 2 big circles on light brown felt for the crust/base of your pizza. I wanted mine to be bigger, so I used 2 pieces of felt to form a circle instead. To draw the circle, I used the super old-school marker and twine method.


TWO Cut 2 irregular circles smaller than your base for the sauce and cheese. Make the cheese slightly smaller than the sauce.


THREE CHOP UP YOUR TOPPINGS! We had bacon, eggs, pepperoni and threw in some green capsicum for colour.


FOUR Arrange and pin down everything.
FIVE Time to slice your pizza! I cut each half into thirds (total of 6 slices).


SIX Hand sew the sauce, cheese and toppings onto the crust layer. Use a sewing machine to sew around the base and crust pieces, leaving a small hole to put in stuffings. Fill up your pizza slice to your heart’s desire and sew the hole shut.


And you’re done!

I hope you enjoy our Pizza Cushions DIY! Remember to tag us or use (hashtag)artathomesg on Facebook or Instagram! Be sure to check back next week, because Christmas bells are already ringing at art@home! xx Teacher Cherlyn