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SG50: Flag Pinwheel

*This is home truly, where I know I must be
Where my dreams wait for me, where the river always flows
This is home surely, as my senses tell me
This is where I won’t be alone, for this is where I know it’s home~*

Eeks! National day is 3 days time! What’s your favourite childhood national day memory? Mine will definitely be music classes when we learn all the national day songs and dance!

Without fail, our art teachers will always plan a lesson to make a flag (to wave during school celebrations). It was fun initially, but as we got older, the novelty wore off.


Here’s my solution to jazz it up… Flag Pinwheel!

I did this last year with some of the kiddos, and planning to do so again this year! They are so decorative and fun! (Psst… read till the end for a bonus!)

21cm X 21cm Red & white paper
Single hole punch
Tape/Reinforcement rings
Scissors/ Craft knife

For decorating – optional
Star craft punch/ Star stamps
Washi tapes

It will be great if you can find papers with different colours on both sides, otherwise glue both your paper together.

Cut diagonal lines in from each corner of your paper, about 2/3 the length towards the middle.

Punch a hole in every alternate corner.

Now, here’s the trick to keep your pinwheel spinning without the fastener jamming it – straw. Cut a small piece of straw, about 1cm. Cut little slits on one end of it and fan out. Insert the straw through the back of your pinwheel and fasten it with a small piece of tape or reinforcement ring.

Flip over and insert the 4 corners through the straw. Cut off access straw.

Cut a slit on both sides with a craft knife on another straw.

Use a fastener to attach your pinwheel to the straw. Test it out! It should spin beautifully!

Now here comes the fun part – DECORATING! Since we’re making a pinwheel inspired by our national flag, here are some suggestions:

– Cut lots of red and white stars with a craft punch and stick them onto your pinwheel with some glue.

– Use glitter instead to add some glam factor!

– Glue on ribbons at the tips.

– Wrap washi tape around the straw.

Bonus! We missed out on a DIY last week and here’s an additional one to make up for it!

Red, white & silver glitter foam sheets*
Red/Silver/White ribbons
Bells (optional)
Wooden dowels
Star template

*I found these at Artfriend. If you can’t find them at your local craft stores, you can always make your own with coloured foam, glitter and white glue.

Trace and cut out your stars! Two for each wand.

Glue ribbons to the back of your pieces (the foams come with adhesive)!

Attach wooden dowels and attach the other star.

I added on bells to give the wands an extra jingle!

We would LOVE to see your creations, so be sure to share them with us with (hashtag)artathomesg! xx Teacher Cherlyn