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Pineapple Shoes! (Printing with Foam)

Good afternoon!

I’ve recently acquired a new pair of canvas shoes, and despite falling for it’s simple stripes (who don’t love stripes!) design, I felt that it can be a little fancier… and TADA! Pineapple prints!

A few pieces of thin styrofoam sheets
Blunt pencil
Paint brushes
Scissors or Penknife


Now that you’ve gathered all your supplies, it’s time to get started!

First, decide on your pattern and size. I’ll be doing 50cents sized pineapple prints. Draw your pattern onto your foam sheets. The idea is to press the pattern into the foam, so a blunt pencil or any tool with a blunt tip works well (a nail dotting tool is great).

Cut them out. I did a few but ended up using only one. Apply paints on the foam sheets according to the colours required.


Start printing! I’m using blu-tacks on the back to make it easier to hold on to the foam sheets.

I’m using acrylic paint here, and not planning to seal it in. But if you want your prints to last longer (especially if you’re doing it on clothing), I would suggest using fabric paints.

Touch up with a small paint brush on areas that you’re not satisfied with the print. I kinda like the “imperfect” look, so I only added on some white stripes.

Let dry for a good couple of hours and you’re good to go! I can’t wait to wear my “new” kicks out!

Tips: Always mask the areas that you do not want to print on. I used a couple strips of MT tapes to mask around the trimmings of my shoes.

Have fun!

xoxo teacher cherlyn 🙂