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SG50: DIY Pick Up Sticks

HOLA! We’re finally jumping onto the SG50 bandwagon and doing a series of Singapore related DIYs!

This week, we have DIY pick up sticks! These colourful plastic sticks probably cost you less than a dollar in the store, but isn’t it more fun to customise your own?

Bamboo Skewers aka Satay Sticks (about 30-45)
Acrylic Paints
Paint Brush
Washi Tapes

Paint! Yes paint! The easiest way to colour anything and customise its look. I’ll be disappointed if painting did not immediately pop into your mind when I said we’re making pick up sticks.

Decide on your colour scheme – I went for a pastel + neon look.
Paint some of the sticks solid, and some with patterns to give it variation.
Use a sponge or some plasticine to hold up the sticks as they dry.

20150715_130916 copy20150715_131131
Washi Tape
I love washi tapes! My collection grew so much over the years, I’m always on the look out for interesting projects to use them on besides scrapbooking. This is a really easy way to dress up anything, and of course excellent for your pick up sticks!

Lay out skewer onto the tape and cut to appropriate length.
Gently wrap the tape around your skewer.
Trim the pointy tip.

Keep repeating the steps until you made enough to start playing!

Have fun! xx Cherlyn