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Marbling with Shaving Cream


I’ve seen many tutorials circulating online the past couple of months, and honestly speaking I was both skeptical and curious about it. How is it possible to transfer pigments from shaving cream to paper… is it possible with whipped cream too? Hehe.

I must try it. It works! I’ve yet to uncover the science behind it, but I assure you it’s as addictive as it is easy – beware! I did a few mini experiments, and seriously can’t wait for my next free afternoon to have a hardcore marbling session – so much possibilities and ways to incorporate into future lesson plans!


I’ve seen it done with food colouring and ink, but I have neither on hand. Instead, I slightly dilute poster paint and put them into these adorable bento sauce containers to aid the dripping process.

-shaving cream
-inks/food colours/diluted poster paint
-a toothpick/satay stick
-a few ice cream sticks
-some plain white card stock
-paper towels
-paper plates
-washi tapes/masking fluids

20150625_152053One Spray a good amount of shaving cream onto your paper plate, creating a surface of shaving cream bigger than your paper. Use an ice cream stick to smooth out the surface.

20150625_152214 20150625_152226Two Add drops of paint all over the shaving cream. Swirl the satay sticks around, pulling the paint all around in the shaving cream. Be careful not to over mix the colours!

20150625_152334Three Press the paper down onto the shaving cream, taking care to get all the corners!

20150625_15235720150625_152435Four Gently remove the paper from one corner. Place it on a sheet of paper towel. Using a clean ice cream stick, scrape off the shaving cream and let it dry.

20150625_152629 20150625_152638Five I dump the shaving cream that I scraped off into the paper plate, add more paint and repeat the process. You can keep adding shaving cream or paint until you’re done (almost never)!


There is no right or wrong when marbling, so put yourself out there and have fun! I double dipped some of my cards, used washi tapes/masking fluids to create patterns before marbling – they turned out great!

Okay now go make some beautiful mess! xx. Cherlyn