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Emoji Plushie

Happy weekends y’all!

So… Earlier this week I had a pretty bad and epic fall and everyone had a good laugh over my clumsiness. To “commemorate” the event, I dragged myself around gathering materials to make one of my favourite emoji into a plushie! It’s a no sew project, so prefect for making it with the little ones over the weekends!

Coloured Felt – Yellow, black, white and blue
Adhesive – Fabric glue/ UHU/ Glue gun
A picture of your emoji for reference
A round template (not pictured)


Decide on the size of your plush – I used the biggest plate I could find and traced out 2 circles on my yellow felt. These are the face and back of your emoji.


If your plush is small enough, you could probably print and trace out the details of your emoji. But I decided to freehand mine.

Cut everything out once you’re happy with your sketch.


Time to assemble! I used a glue gun, but if I were to do this project again I would probably used UHU instead. It will give you more time to apply the glue neatly before they start drying up. Remember to leave a little gap for you to fill it!

Stuff your plushie, glue the gap shut and you’re done!



Enjoy your plushie! I am going to get more materials to make a couple more emojis! They really brighten up the sofa!