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Goggly-eyes Monsters


This week, we decided to take a break from drawing and painting to do some crazy doodling! Both teachers and students had so much fun doing this project! There are many studies and articles that you can find online (here, here, and here or here) which explain why we should encourage doodling.

Here’s a few points that we want to highlight:

1. Doodling encourages creativity.
2. Doodling pushes one to step out of his/her comfort zone to try something that results are not guaranteed. (Making mistakes is a great way to learn!)
3. Doodling is FUN! You don’t have to know how to draw to have fun.


Activity: Monster Doodle

Goggly eyes in different sizes
Black permanent markers
Colouring medium of choice
Drawing paper
(Most materials can be found in any art stores)

1. Lay out paper
2. Grab a bunch of eyes in hand and drop them on the paper in random order
3. Doodle!
4. Colour

It’s almost impossible to stop once you start. Have fun! (And you’re welcome! :D)


xo teacher cherlyn