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DIY Embroidery Cards

Oh hi! Welcome back to DIYMAS! We’re making these adorable embroidery cards today! They are pretty easy and fast, great for this busy festive season. We made cards, but you can definitely make them into tiny tags for your gifts!

You’ll need
Embroidery threads
Embroidery needles
Thick cards/paper
Pencil & pen
MT tapes (optional)

ONE Start by creating your template on tracing paper. You can of course start drawing on your cards, but a template means reusing it many times! I’m doing the first alphabet of the name of the person I’m giving this card to.

TWO Measure out the points on your design that you want your thread to go through. I spaced mine about 1cm apart.

THREE Make a hole at each point using an embroidery needle.

FOUR Transfer your design onto the thick card by drawing little dots using the holes you made in your template.

FIVE Make a hole at each dot using an embroidery needle.

SIX Tie a knot at the end of your embroidery thread and start sewing. I used some tapes to secure the threads at the back too. Tie another knot to secure your thread after you’re done sewing.

And you’re done! I added another empty card at the back (to hide the threads) and attach them with MT tapes. They add a nice contrast to the embroidered designs as well!


It was lots of fun making these embroidery cards! Remember to tag us or use (hashtag)artathomesg on Facebook or Instagram if you make them! See you next week for our next DIYMAS! xo. Teacher Cherlyn