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DIY Christmas Garland

FOUR days to Christmas! Are you ready? We know we’re not! (Oops!)

We’ve got you covered for an advent calendar, Christmas cards and even a friendship Christmas gift the last three weeks. For the last instalment of art@home’s DIYMAS, we’re doing decorations!

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You’ll need
Hot glue
Embroidery needle
Colour felt

One Cut 6 semicircles out of felt – 1 small, 2 medium & 3 big
Two Fold into half and glue the straight edges together. Flip to the right side after the glue had dried.
Three Double your thread and sew through all six cones. Tie a knot to secure.


You’ll need

One Wind yarn around your fingers or a thick card till desired fullness. Your tassel will double in thickness later.
Two Slide off and tie a tight knot around the middle of your bundle of thread.
Three Fold your bundle into half. Using another piece of thread, wrap around the top of your bundle for a couple of times before securing with a tight knot.
Four Trim the bottom of your tassel to even it out.


You’ll need
Scissors/ Circle cutter
Clear plastic sheets
White craft foam
Glitter craft foam
Foam pellets
Coloured beads

One Cut six foam rings – 4 white, 2 glitter. Mine are about 8cm in diameter (outer circle).
Two Cut 2 circles out of clear plastic sheets. Glue to the back of each glitter foam rings.
Three Glue the white rings to one of the glitter ring. Fill up with glitter/sequin, foam pellets and coloured beads. Glue the remaining glitter ring onto your stack to seal in your “snow”.
Four Wrap yarn to hide the edges.

Finally, tie everything to a long piece of yarn/twine and you’re done! The kids love shaking and playing with the snow globes, so I highly recommend that you try it out!


This christmas garland really adds to the festive mood! If you do try it out, remember to tag us or use (hashtag)artathomesg on Facebook or Instagram! Have a Merry Merry Christmas! xo. Teacher Cherlyn