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Stick Man to Muscle Man!

Okay, muscle man might be a little exaggerating. But we promise that by the end of this post, your stick man will definitely have on some flesh! We’ll save drawing faces to another Art101 lesson, so stay tuned!

Drawing tools
Figure references/ Wooden figure (not pictured)

I suggest investing in a wooden model, it really helps with learning proportions especially if you’re a beginner. I will not go into proportions today, but it’s easy to adjust along the way.

Start by observing your reference, and drawing lots of stick men! I like to google dancers and look at their poses. Don’t stop at standing figures, look at movements as well!

Draw in the torso (rectangular) and hip (oval)!

20150715_135757 20150715_135620
Add joints. Vary the sizes of the circles based on the sizes of the joints (i.e. bigger circles for shoulders, smaller circles for wrists).

20150715_135914 20150715_135842
Fatten up! Draw lines to join up the circles. Since you varied the sizes of the joints, you should be able to get the “thickness” of the different body parts right.

That’s it! Three easy steps! Now you have no excuses to stop at stick men! Once you get the hang of this, it’ll be easy to correct the proportions – but remember, no body is the same. Don’t be too persistent on drawing the perfect figure.

Practice makes Permanent! Have fun! xx Cherlyn