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Hello fellow Yes-I’m-listening-Huh-No-I’m-not-doodling friends.

Today, I present you with Doodling 101. If you’ve been following art@home for a little while, you would have seen our Doodle Monsters post (and tried it out. If you have not, I’m disappointed. But hey, I’m not the one missing out the fun here).

For the past couple of weeks we had been doing intense sketching, shading and painting. So I thought it’s time to unwind a little and make some creative mess!

We’ve come to the conclusion inĀ our Doodle Monsters post that, doodle is good for your child, and you.


Doodling has no rules, you basically do what you want. But here’s a couple of activities with simple rules to bring doodling to the next level.

A few objects to draw*
Pencils/ Coloured markers/ Coloured pencils
Loads of paper

*When choosing your objects, it would be good to choose something with interesting details and forms.

One: Single Line
As the title suggest, draw your object using a single line. Do not lift your drawing tool from the paper. You might need to go over certain lines a couple of times, but it’s okay. The first couple of doodle might be messy, but you’ll eventually get the hang of it.



20150528_142313 20150528_142224

Two: Blind
Place your drawing tool onto your paper, and without taking your eyes off your object, start drawing. No peeking at your paper! It helps to wear a visor upside down below your nose (and risk looking ridiculous but that’s okay!)



Three: Blindfolded
Blindfold yourself, or if you trust yourself enough, just close your eyes. Draw your object using your sense of touch.



20150528_142933 (1) 20150528_142920 (1)

Four: Double Doodle
Grab a drawing tool in each hand, it helps to have them in different colours. Start drawing with both hands at the same time! (Hint: Draw symmetrical objects)


20150528_143338 20150528_143252

Once you get the hang of it, you may want to challenge yourself to drawing different things with each hand, at the same time. (Example: Sun with left hand, Tree with right hand) Mine turned out a disaster.

It’s time to combine a few of the above activities and create masterpieces! How about One: Single Line with Three: Blindfolded? One: Single Line, Two: Blind and Four: Double Doodle sounds fun too!

20150528_153101 20150528_152940

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Teacher Cherlyn