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DIY Marquee Lights (Deathly Hallows)

I’ve been procrastinating on this project for too long – I cannot decide on a subject (there are just too many ideas!) However, upon receiving the news of the passing of Alan Rickman, I knew I had to make this – DIY Marquee Lights with the Hallows.

Note: I did not use the bigger round bulbs that you’ll normally see on marquee lights, but that does not mean you cannot use them!

You’ll need
Black art card
Scissors/ Penknife
Cutting mat
Battery operated string lights
Hot glue
Masking Tape

Decide how big you want your marquee light to be, use a ruler to help draw out your designs. My hallows sign is 40cm tall and 32cm (base) across.

Carefully cut out your design. The trick to cutting thick cards is to cut as many times as needed. I make about 10-20 cuts for each line – this might sound like a lot of work, but definitely more efficient than forcing the blade to cut deeper. You get neater cuts too! (Source: Personal experience)

I did half (about 20 holes) by making a small hole with an awl and enlarging it with a pair of small scissors. I found a small electric hand drill in my tool box and finished up the other half with it – life-saver (done under 15mins!)

Assemble your pieces together. I first use a very small amount of regular (UHU – my favourite!) glue along the sides. After the pieces are put together, flip it over and use hot glue to further secure them. I switched to thinner black cards for the curved sides.

Insert the bulbs and secure them using  small dots of glue. There are 40 holes on my sign, I used 3 battery operated string lights and dug out my christmas lights to fill in the last 10.

I like the flexibility battery operated string lights provide without having to worry about a power source. I’m going to get one more to replace the christmas lights!


Done! Isn’t it pretty? I’m using it as my new night light, but it will probably have a new home soon!


We hope you had fun with this project – I certainly did.

Harry Potter was my childhood – I believed many of yours too. So you can probably understand the devastation I felt when I received the news of the passing of Alan Rickman. Professor Snape was one of my favourite character, and Alan Rickman will always be the best actor for it. #ripalanrickman

Ending off with a quote that all #potterheads live by:

After all this time?


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DIY Photo Magnets


Happy New Year! It had been a long week for us, getting things running again after the holidays. But we’re excited to be sharing this week’s DIY photo magnets with you!

I’ve been dying to give my fridge some TLC and brightening it up since each of us use it a couple of times each day! There are a few websites that prints your Instagram photos onto magnets for you, but it will cost way less to make your own. Besides, it’s totally customisable!

I got gifted these adorable fruit stickers awhile ago by a friend. I’m such a hoarder when it comes to stationeries. I’m sure she’s glad I put them to good use 😛

Photos/ Stickers
Self adhesive magnetic sheets/ Printable magnetic sheets
Dimensional magic glaze
Penknife or Scissors
Sewing pins

One Get ready your photos and stick them onto your magnetic sheets. OR Print your photos onto magnetic sheets.

Two Cut them out carefully!

Three Time to glaze them with the dimensional magic. We are using Plaid’s, but we heard great things about Mod Podge’s too! Use a sewing pin to pop any bubbles or it will leave tiny craters after the glaze dries. Clean your pin after each bubble to prevent build up.

This is optional, but advisable to do so. Cover your magnets as the glaze dries to prevent any dust or dirt from ruining your magnets.


And you’re done! I believe I visit my fridge a couple more times each day now. (Hogwarts house magnets from Universal Studios Japan) Don’t know if it’s a good thing though. Haha! The possibilities are endless, have fun! Remember to share with us via (hashtag)artathomesg if you try out any of our DIYs!

DIY Christmas Garland

FOUR days to Christmas! Are you ready? We know we’re not! (Oops!)

We’ve got you covered for an advent calendar, Christmas cards and even a friendship Christmas gift the last three weeks. For the last instalment of art@home’s DIYMAS, we’re doing decorations!

20151220_143146 copy



You’ll need
Hot glue
Embroidery needle
Colour felt

One Cut 6 semicircles out of felt – 1 small, 2 medium & 3 big
Two Fold into half and glue the straight edges together. Flip to the right side after the glue had dried.
Three Double your thread and sew through all six cones. Tie a knot to secure.


You’ll need

One Wind yarn around your fingers or a thick card till desired fullness. Your tassel will double in thickness later.
Two Slide off and tie a tight knot around the middle of your bundle of thread.
Three Fold your bundle into half. Using another piece of thread, wrap around the top of your bundle for a couple of times before securing with a tight knot.
Four Trim the bottom of your tassel to even it out.


You’ll need
Scissors/ Circle cutter
Clear plastic sheets
White craft foam
Glitter craft foam
Foam pellets
Coloured beads

One Cut six foam rings – 4 white, 2 glitter. Mine are about 8cm in diameter (outer circle).
Two Cut 2 circles out of clear plastic sheets. Glue to the back of each glitter foam rings.
Three Glue the white rings to one of the glitter ring. Fill up with glitter/sequin, foam pellets and coloured beads. Glue the remaining glitter ring onto your stack to seal in your “snow”.
Four Wrap yarn to hide the edges.

Finally, tie everything to a long piece of yarn/twine and you’re done! The kids love shaking and playing with the snow globes, so I highly recommend that you try it out!


This christmas garland really adds to the festive mood! If you do try it out, remember to tag us or use (hashtag)artathomesg on Facebook or Instagram! Have a Merry Merry Christmas! xo. Teacher Cherlyn

DIY Embroidery Cards

Oh hi! Welcome back to DIYMAS! We’re making these adorable embroidery cards today! They are pretty easy and fast, great for this busy festive season. We made cards, but you can definitely make them into tiny tags for your gifts!

You’ll need
Embroidery threads
Embroidery needles
Thick cards/paper
Pencil & pen
MT tapes (optional)

ONE Start by creating your template on tracing paper. You can of course start drawing on your cards, but a template means reusing it many times! I’m doing the first alphabet of the name of the person I’m giving this card to.

TWO Measure out the points on your design that you want your thread to go through. I spaced mine about 1cm apart.

THREE Make a hole at each point using an embroidery needle.

FOUR Transfer your design onto the thick card by drawing little dots using the holes you made in your template.

FIVE Make a hole at each dot using an embroidery needle.

SIX Tie a knot at the end of your embroidery thread and start sewing. I used some tapes to secure the threads at the back too. Tie another knot to secure your thread after you’re done sewing.

And you’re done! I added another empty card at the back (to hide the threads) and attach them with MT tapes. They add a nice contrast to the embroidered designs as well!


It was lots of fun making these embroidery cards! Remember to tag us or use (hashtag)artathomesg on Facebook or Instagram if you make them! See you next week for our next DIYMAS! xo. Teacher Cherlyn

DIY Advent Calendar


Ho ho! This is the start of our DIYMAS (DIY + christMAS… geddit geddit?) series for 2015! We’ve been building out list of Christmas DIYs since October, and totally can’t wait to share them with you each week!

We’re starting off our DIYMAS with an advent calendar! Who says advent calendars are only for children! I always set up some sort of advent calendar for myself if time permits. I had a digital one last year, but thought why not make a DIY advent calendar this year to share with you guys!

This is great for both the young and the young at heart as its extremely customisable by switching up the goodies inside. I’m going with my favourite toffees (I can finish a bag by myself in a day, so this is great for practicing self control), as well as some “do something nice today” notes.

You’ll need
Plastic Baubles
Spray Paint
Acrylic Paint
Mod Podge/ White Glue
Loose Glitter
Chunky Glitter
Foam beads pellets (as snow)
Washi Tapes
Goodies of choice

ONE To start, simply throw in the gifts/notes into the bauble together with some chunky glitter and bead pellets. Seal with washi tape. You can leave it as it is or decorate them!


Spray paint – Make sure to do it in a well ventilated area and protect your work surface. Use masking tapes to mask areas on the bauble to create patterns. Do more coats if needed, making sure to dry between layers.

Glitter – Mix a good amount of glue with glitter. Roll your bauble in the mixture till fully covered. Sprinkle more loose glitter while the glue is still wet. Wait for the glue to fully dry and paint a thin coat of mod podge over your bauble to seal in the glitter.

Washi – Go wild! Play with all sorts of combinations and patterns.

TWO Paint on the numbers.
THREE Attach a piece of string to each of your bauble and you’re ready to hang them up on your tree!



I hope you enjoy our DIY Advent Calendar! Remember to tag us or use (hashtag)artathomesg on Facebook or Instagram! Be sure to check back next week for our next DIYMAS! xo. Teacher Cherlyn

DIY: Pizza Cushions

If you are still checking back regularly after our short two weeks hiatus, thank you! We had been busy (still are) getting ready for the holiday season (*hint*CHRISTMASDIYS*hint), preparing for up coming workshops (ahem… have you signed up yet?) and spreading the love of making at Makers’ Block!

But, we’re back now! With something huge and yummy! Honestly, this craft took me way longer than I expected, but I am extremely pleased with the finished product! If I had more time, I would probably make it bigger and resew certain pieces with new materials – but all is well!

I present to you… *cue drum rolls*… Pizza Cushions! I’ve been dying to make something big for awhile now, and thought that these pizza cushions made good friendship gifts? You know… like everyone in the group get a slice…

Okay before the topic gets out of hand, let’s start! I used both machine and hand sewn for this project, but you can easily change it to a no-sew project with your favourite fabric glue or trusty glue gun!


You’ll need
Coloured Felt
Sewing Pins
Embroidery Needle & Threads


ONE Cut 2 big circles on light brown felt for the crust/base of your pizza. I wanted mine to be bigger, so I used 2 pieces of felt to form a circle instead. To draw the circle, I used the super old-school marker and twine method.


TWO Cut 2 irregular circles smaller than your base for the sauce and cheese. Make the cheese slightly smaller than the sauce.


THREE CHOP UP YOUR TOPPINGS! We had bacon, eggs, pepperoni and threw in some green capsicum for colour.


FOUR Arrange and pin down everything.
FIVE Time to slice your pizza! I cut each half into thirds (total of 6 slices).


SIX Hand sew the sauce, cheese and toppings onto the crust layer. Use a sewing machine to sew around the base and crust pieces, leaving a small hole to put in stuffings. Fill up your pizza slice to your heart’s desire and sew the hole shut.


And you’re done!

I hope you enjoy our Pizza Cushions DIY! Remember to tag us or use (hashtag)artathomesg on Facebook or Instagram! Be sure to check back next week, because Christmas bells are already ringing at art@home! xx Teacher Cherlyn