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Art is not a Luxury

We’ve been asked these questions many times, and we do address them during our workshops. But we felt that it is not fair to only share with aah’s fairies! So, what are the questions?

“Why are your workshops priced so much lower than other workshops?”

That is because, we at AAH along with a couple of artist friends, felt that Art is not a Luxury. It is important to understand an artist’s efforts, time and emotions put into every piece of their work – and these are priceless. #SupportLocalArtists!

But what we hope to achieve in our adult workshops is to build a community that value sharing above safeguarding our skills. We do put in years and lots of money into perfecting our craft, and it is only fair that we don’t give away our skills for free, but neither do we want to make picking up a skill an expensive hobby.

“Do we make any money?”

Like we’ve mentioned, we want to reach out to whoever are keen to pick up a new skill, but are hesitant or do not have the capabilities to pull out wads of cash to do that. Our workshops are not lucrative, but they are enough to get the workshops going at the moment!

We are looking to try out more sustainable approaches in the future that will hopefully reach out to more people who are keen to pick up a new skill. All of us here at art@home love sharing our love for art and crafting and we wish to infect as many people as we can!

See you soon!

Sincerely, Magical Creatures of AAH x


Cultivate Creativity

Meeting new people often leads to questions like,

“So, you guys teach art. What sort? Drawing? Painting?”, “How long will my child take to be able to paint and draw well, independently?” or “How is learning art useful? I rather my child attends another (academic subject) lesson.”

Well, we thought it was about time we answer these questions. If you have been following us for a while now, you would have realised that art@home’s focus is not only on technical skills. We want to expose our students to as many aspects of art as possible. We try out different paint mediums, we sketch, we include technology into our lessons, but we also go back to the basic and learn about traditional skills such as batik and screen printing.

What we truly are doing, is to use art as a medium to cultivate creativity, in your child or even in you.

At art@home, we don’t believe in the impossible. We believe in stepping out of comfort zones and pushing limits. We also believe that clouds can be the colours of the rainbow and unicorns exist. Who says a cow must be black and white, and fishes can only swim in water? In the world of art, there are endless possibilities.


Art, brings the world of impossible, alive.

I searched the internet for what people think Creativity is, and here’s what I got:

Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed. The created item may be intangible (such as an idea, a scientific theory, a musical composition, a joke or a physical object (such as an invention, a literary work or a painting. (source)

Creativity is characterised by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions. (source)

Being creative is not the ability to think up something extraordinary, unheard and unseen of, but also applied to everyday life –

Can I make my Math lessons more interesting? Is there a more efficient way to arrange my potted plants? How to reduce the amount of time I spend on my homework?

Creativity in problem solving is often what brings us new inventions and convenience. The idea of inventing a light bulb don’t just pop into Thomas Edison’s head. He identified the problem and thought of creative ways to solve the problem.

I read an article lately and this sentence struck me,

Practice makes perfect, but it doesn’t make new.

I am not ashamed to admit that I was not a creative person. Years spent teaching in art studios had trained my mind into following rules and requirements set by the higher ups. I was told that my ideas would not work for children lessons. They took up too much time and materials, and will be difficult for teachers to handle.

I was struggling to come up with different lesson plans for art@home. But I started exposing myself, trying out new ideas and took up courses and workshops. It was such an enriching journey.



One can be easily trained to draw a perfect circle blind folded, but might find creating 100 different ideas, from a circle, difficult. People are not born creative, neither can they be programmed to be creative. Creativity is a gift we can develop in ourselves that serves us and everyone we share it with.

Be curious and don’t set limits. xo. Teacher Cherlyn

Questions, enquiries or want to discuss more on the topic, contact us!

art@home | AAH Studio X Makers’ Block 2015

If you’ve been following us on Instagram you would probably have known that we’ll be taking part in Makers’ Block this November! We’ll be working with four amazing artists this time to bring you some incredibly cool (if we may say so ourselves…), fun and yet therapeutic workshops for you!

Find out more: Art Workshops 2015

Disclaimer: Please note that we have four mini 1-hour workshops that you can take part in during Makers’ Block. If you’re keen for more crafting, the full workshops will take place in December 2015.


Agatha is an eco-designer who loves sustainable fashion, and a passionate environmental educator. She previously worked at the National Environmental Agency, Singapore for over 10 years before founding Green Issues by Agy where she transform textile waste into creative wearables using repair, repurposing and upcycling techniques.

She had been featured on Channel NewsAsia “It Figures”, Channel U “Style: Check In”, The Straits Times and TODAY.

Connect: Instagram | Blog | Facebook


Kelly is a Singaporean artist specialising in knit and crochet, known by her pseudonym ‘kllylmrck’. With her main focus being on Knit & Crochet art, she is also a fashion designer by training, graphic designer and illustrator by experience.
Aside from working with yarn, she experiments with all different kinds of materials and scales of knit, which sparked my interest on dreads and yarn braids.

She has had various exhibitions and was recently featured on Straits Times.

Connect: Instagram | Website | Facebook


Amirah graduated with a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Arts from Lasalle College of the Arts. Her paintings are responses based upon her
personal life and observations of her daily surroundings. She is interested in creating a realistic rendering work, paying careful attention to details. She works with oil mediums and explore new methods in creating her works.

Connect: Instagram


Despite coming from an industrial design background, Jason Loo had always been extremely fascinated with movie props and toys. He had been making movie props and scaled models from scratch since a very young age. He was also known for producing very fine finishing on his works. Being introduced to and owning a 3D printer had provided him with endless possibilities in creating. He is now working on a life-size, fully movable BB-8, before resuming his project of a 3D printed Ironman suit.

He was recently featured in 3ders and Geek Culture.

Connect: Instagram | Facebook

Find out more: Art Workshops 2015

Adventure Time!


We went outdoors with the kiddos! It’s a pity that some of them didn’t manage to join us due to the haze. But hey, the plants did a good job in cleaning the air!

We wanted to do something other than sitting and painting, so we went around learning the names of different plants, observed their growth patterns, leaves shapes and use! Each of them are equipped with an instant camera to capture anything they find interesting!

We then made a collage with the foliages they collected and complied the photographs into a scrapbook for future use!

Hop over to facebook for more photos! xx Teacher Cherlyn

AAH Studio

Hey guys!

Eeks! We’re so excited to share with you our new milestone: AAH Studio!

AAH is the acronym for art@home, but can also be pronounced as “ah” (sound). The AH-sound is usually made when releasing pent up emotions, and we hope that AAH Studio does the same for you!

AAH Studio @ Pearl’s Hill Terrace
Address: 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace #03-25 Singapore 168976 (Xobon Mag Office)
Opening Hours: Saturday & Sunday, 10AM-3PM

What do we have?
– Children Art Programmes (Age 2-12)
– Teens & Adults Art Programmes (Age 13 & Above)
– Art Jams/ Parties/ Team Bonding Events
– School Holiday Workshops

We’re offering a 20% discount for any Art Jam sessions with a minimum of 4 participants! Valid from now till 31 Dec 2015*. Include coupon code: AAH20 when sending in your enquiries!

See you~ *wink wink*

xx Minions of AAH Studio


*Terms & Conditions apply.

AAH is One!

Happy birthday to us! art@home turns ONE this month!


If I were to sum up the past year in one word, it would be: Adventurous.

adjective: adventurous
willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences.

The past year had indeed been a wild adventure. I was speaking to a friend last week and he told me that my teaching style and approach towards art changed drastically compared to when art@home just started. I take more risks now and is always willing to try new ideas. I worry less and let the kiddos take more control. I allow myself to be surprised instead of dictating the outcome of the artworks.


Besides personal growth, I would also like to share with you art@home’s milestones the past eight months. If you remember this post from last December, I ended the post with 3 goals:

1. New teachers.
2. A semi-permanent studio space.
3. Giving back to the society.

I’m very, very proud to share with you that, we’ve achieved the first two!

Firstly, in the coming months, we will be welcoming two very talented teachers to join us. Yay! These two ladies are people whom I’ve worked closely with before, and inspired me a lot!

Secondly, studio space! We are really lucky to have met the super nice owner of Xobon Magazine, Soo, during Makers Block last year. AAH – art@home Studio, will be making lots of happy mess (don’t worry Soo, I’ll make sure your office is spick and span after our sessions!) during the weekends at Xobon’s office, located at Pearl’s Hill Terrace. We love the huge window and being surrounded by greens, greens, greens! We will be sharing more on our programmes (hint: art jams & adult classes… *rubs chin*) on the blog next week! If you can’t wait, feel free to drop us an email/text/private message anytime!

Thirdly, we are still working towards providing free art lessons for under privileged children. If you have any contacts, feel free to let us know!


Besides working hard towards our goals, we also put in our best efforts in coming up with fun and interesting lessons for the kiddos, encouraging them to explore and experiment with new mediums and ideas that they have. Like the fossils (this, this, this, this & this) we did in March that received so much praises, or the short stories a few of them wrote based on their paintings and published in May. We also tried marbling for the first time and created our own amazing solar systems.


art@home’s lessons focus not on imparting art techniques to our students, but on their character and personal growth. We are serious about squeezing all the creative juices out of those little brains and bringing them out of their comfort zones by introducing unrestricted lessons (1,2,3).


We also introduced our first art series – ART101 to those keen to learn art but are intimidated by it (1,2,3,4).

Many changes are coming our way, we look forward to bringing more colourful messes and hours of laughters to all of you in the coming year!

xx Teachers of AAH