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Cultivate Creativity

Meeting new people often leads to questions like,

“So, you guys teach art. What sort? Drawing? Painting?”, “How long will my child take to be able to paint and draw well, independently?” or “How is learning art useful? I rather my child attends another (academic subject) lesson.”

Well, we thought it was about time we answer these questions. If you have been following us for a while now, you would have realised that art@home’s focus is not only on technical skills. We want to expose our students to as many aspects of art as possible. We try out different paint mediums, we sketch, we include technology into our lessons, but we also go back to the basic and learn about traditional skills such as batik and screen printing.

What we truly are doing, is to use art as a medium to cultivate creativity, in your child or even in you.

At art@home, we don’t believe in the impossible. We believe in stepping out of comfort zones and pushing limits. We also believe that clouds can be the colours of the rainbow and unicorns exist. Who says a cow must be black and white, and fishes can only swim in water? In the world of art, there are endless possibilities.


Art, brings the world of impossible, alive.

I searched the internet for what people think Creativity is, and here’s what I got:

Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed. The created item may be intangible (such as an idea, a scientific theory, a musical composition, a joke or a physical object (such as an invention, a literary work or a painting. (source)

Creativity is characterised by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions. (source)

Being creative is not the ability to think up something extraordinary, unheard and unseen of, but also applied to everyday life –

Can I make my Math lessons more interesting? Is there a more efficient way to arrange my potted plants? How to reduce the amount of time I spend on my homework?

Creativity in problem solving is often what brings us new inventions and convenience. The idea of inventing a light bulb don’t just pop into Thomas Edison’s head. He identified the problem and thought of creative ways to solve the problem.

I read an article lately and this sentence struck me,

Practice makes perfect, but it doesn’t make new.

I am not ashamed to admit that I was not a creative person. Years spent teaching in art studios had trained my mind into following rules and requirements set by the higher ups. I was told that my ideas would not work for children lessons. They took up too much time and materials, and will be difficult for teachers to handle.

I was struggling to come up with different lesson plans for art@home. But I started exposing myself, trying out new ideas and took up courses and workshops. It was such an enriching journey.



One can be easily trained to draw a perfect circle blind folded, but might find creating 100 different ideas, from a circle, difficult. People are not born creative, neither can they be programmed to be creative. Creativity is a gift we can develop in ourselves that serves us and everyone we share it with.

Be curious and don’t set limits. xo. Teacher Cherlyn

Questions, enquiries or want to discuss more on the topic, contact us!

Adventure Time!


We went outdoors with the kiddos! It’s a pity that some of them didn’t manage to join us due to the haze. But hey, the plants did a good job in cleaning the air!

We wanted to do something other than sitting and painting, so we went around learning the names of different plants, observed their growth patterns, leaves shapes and use! Each of them are equipped with an instant camera to capture anything they find interesting!

We then made a collage with the foliages they collected and complied the photographs into a scrapbook for future use!

Hop over to facebook for more photos! xx Teacher Cherlyn

It’s Adventure Time – Outdoor Drawing


We brought class outdoors! The sun was merciless, but it didn’t stop us from plopping down on random patches of grass and create beautiful works!


First stop – Waterloo Street, Guan Yin Temple

The kiddos enjoyed observing and drawing the temple, we used one of our doodling methods (single line drawing) to do a quick sketch.


Second Stop – Outside Golden Landmark Hotel

Quick lunch before hunting for our next drawing spot. We found an old man sleeping on his trishaw and thought that he made a pretty good subject.

20150622_143509 20150622_143513 20150622_143525 20150622_144907 20150622_143541 20150622_144919

We also did a few observation drawing of people moving, sitting and standing, using our preferred styles.

20150622_145922 20150622_151807

If you’re keen on bring art outdoors too, here’s a few quick tips!

ONE – Supplies
– stationaries (2pencils, erasers, permanent markers, black pen, white gel pen)
– a few sheets of A4 drawing paper OR sketchbook
– backing board
– bull dog clips

I packed the stationeries in a little ziplock folder and clipped everything together onto a canvas board. The kids clipped the folder at the back of the board when they are drawing – this gives them easy access to the items as well as a place to keep stuff!

Make sure that the markers and pens you pack are waterproof! I made the mistake of using a water-based marker and ruined my work.

You can skip the backing board and bull dog clips if you’re using a sketchbook.

TWO – bring along a mat to sit on! We skipped that and regretted when ants started crawling everywhere.

THREE – if you’re using watercolour, it’ll be good to have a couple of water brushes. You can get them at any art store for about $5.00 – $8.00.

FOUR – be impromptu, be adventurous! We had a lots of curious stares, but it’s okay!

I dare you to gather your supplies and head out now! You’re going to have so much fun! xx. Cherlyn

Canvas Painting – My Underwater Adventure


It’s the holidays (yay!) and we’re packed full this month with workshops and bringing the kiddos around the world in search of adventures! Keen to join us? Check them out here!

Last Friday we held our breaths and took a deep dive into the ocean to look at some pretty awesome sea creatures! Take a look at what the kiddos drew!

20150605_124022 20150605_124338 20150605_125434 20150605_125442 20150605_125517 20150605_125519 20150605_125527 20150605_125532 20150605_125538 20150605_125543 20150605_125802 20150605_133055 20150605_134824 20150605_135110 20150605_135559 20150605_135937 20150605_135956 20150605_140001 20150605_140004 20150605_140155 20150605_140536

Bloop bloop bloop~ That was fun! Keep your eyes peeled for more coming up!