Art is not a Luxury

We’ve been asked these questions many times, and we do address them during our workshops. But we felt that it is not fair to only share with aah’s fairies! So, what are the questions?

“Why are your workshops priced so much lower than other workshops?”

That is because, we at AAH along with a couple of artist friends, felt that Art is not a Luxury. It is important to understand an artist’s efforts, time and emotions put into every piece of their work – and these are priceless. #SupportLocalArtists!

But what we hope to achieve in our adult workshops is to build a community that value sharing above safeguarding our skills. We do put in years and lots of money into perfecting our craft, and it is only fair that we don’t give away our skills for free, but neither do we want to make picking up a skill an expensive hobby.

“Do we make any money?”

Like we’ve mentioned, we want to reach out to whoever are keen to pick up a new skill, but are hesitant or do not have the capabilities to pull out wads of cash to do that. Our workshops are not lucrative, but they are enough to get the workshops going at the moment!

We are looking to try out more sustainable approaches in the future that will hopefully reach out to more people who are keen to pick up a new skill. All of us here at art@home love sharing our love for art and crafting and we wish to infect as many people as we can!

See you soon!

Sincerely, Magical Creatures of AAH x


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