Thank You.


Thank you.

2014 had been a trying yet very fulfilling year for art@home. We sincerely thank every single person who crossed paths with us, be it lending a helping hand or throwing rocks at us in attempt to stumble us.

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I did a sharing a couple of months ago at SIM Library Makers’ Fest on why I quit my job as a studio supervisor and started art@home. It was tough making the decision, even tougher while I struggled between part-time teaching at art studios and working on art@home for the past year.

art@home was initially a dream a couple of teachers and I had, while we were teaching in a studio together. Teaching, had taken on a different meaning back then. “Teaching” to us, was to get through class after class, making sure all the children finish similar pieces of work to meet a certain requirement set by the management. It was saddening, we wanted our students to truly experience the joy of learning and the magic of art.

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Here’s an introduction in case you do not know me yet, I am Cherlyn. I’m a crafter – I really enjoy making things (since a very young age). I am also a children art teacher. But honestly speaking,
1. I used to dislike kids.
2. I had never wanted to be a teacher.

How I started teaching children art was because the art studio was the only company that responded to me. And till today, I am still really grateful that a greenhorn like me was given a chance. So here I am, 3 years later, still passionate about teaching children art, and even started a home based art business: ART@HOME, for children.

So, you might be wondering : Why children art?

Why not teens or adults?

Many people think that children are harder to teach, but in actual fact, adults are harder to teach compared to kids.

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After working with children for the last couple of years, I realised that the older we get, the harder it is for us to step out of our comfort zone to try something new, especially in art. The more we know, the more fixated we are on how certain objects are supposed to be. Like how a cow must be black and white, and clouds must exist only in the sky. In the world of art, there are endless possibilities.

A child, if taught properly, can improve their “skills” to match up to the adult’s. However, an adult whether deliberately or non deliberately can never create an art piece that retains the innocence and creativity of a child. Because we’ve already restricted ourselves to what we know as “right” & “wrong”.

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This is also why I started art@home. I’m able to let my students have more freedom in trying out new ideas that they have, focusing more on the learning process rather than the end results, without having to work under the restrictions an art studio might implement on them.

At art@home, we strongly believe in: Explore and Experiment.

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It is a lengthy post, I am glad if you read till this point. This is a rather personal sharing, but we believe in building relationships with parents and students rather than treating each lesson like a business transaction. It is important for you to know us first before letting us reach out to you.

Lastly to end off with our plans for 2015:

1. I am hoping to get a couple more amazing teachers that I’ve met throughout my teaching years to join the team.
2. A semi-permanent space for art@home! *fingers & toes crossed*
3. Start giving back to the society by bringing a little more joy to the under privileged through art.

Happy New Year, have a very blessed 2015!


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